With the summertime finally peeking over the horizon commemorate the season with lollipops, Rock sticks, and all manner of sweets that are iconic and synonymous with true British sunny celebrations. Sweets have become well-established travel goodies, keeping us energised and aiding us for those long holiday car journeys, picnics, beach basking and helping keep the children tame away from home. Here at The Sweet Team we’re bringing back the taste of summer holidays, fun fairs and beaches to create some fab new summer memories!

Cheery summer memories are not just built from within our own boarders. From the 70’s summer hit ‘Grease’ an image of suave leather jacketed, Brylcreem infused, chewing gum chomping teens enjoying vintage summer shenanigans was shaped, along with the iconic feel and memory of what it’s like to revel in a glamorous summer with our Atlantic counterparts. Transport yourself back in a true vintage manner with our great promotional retro range. There’s nothing like a nice retro sweet to refresh your memory and reminisce about times gone by with friends and family while relishing in the seasonal sun. Or you could pass along the joy of a 50s beach with our branded Rock Sticks.

It’s not all glory for the empire though. Over in the business world the stress that comes with heated offices, steamy commuting and having to endure boiling boardrooms can lead to exhaustion. Stop dismay in its tracks with our range of promotional drinks for quenching those heat induced comas and mental blocks. Optimize your summer office crew morale.

Overall however, after a nice welcoming start of July, we have caught a vague glimpse of the summer we all enjoy. Taking advantage of this in a traditional manner, we Brits have been out in force with straw hats and BBQ tongs in hand, declaring war on winter with offerings of napalmed meats and sunburn.

So, stick another shrimp on the Barbie for us and raise a glass; it’s never been a better time to circulate those promotional confectionaries.

Got an interesting story, feel free to tell us all about your interesting summer memories of flavours.