The Easter festival takes place on a date between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April each year. However, the occasion will be marked on Sunday April 20th in 2014. Many people view this as a time of great religious significance. Some take the opportunity to celebrate springtime fertility and indulge in seasonal foods. The chocolate easter eggs and bunnies are synonymous with this festive occasion.

It's worth pointing out that eggs have traditionally been viewed as symbols of fertility by pagan worshipers. However, religious authorities in the English church originally banned Christian subjects from eating eggs in the week before Easter. They were supposed to be saved and then distributed among the children during Holy Week. The tradition was adapted during Victorian times and children were presented with cardboard eggs containing miniature Easter treats.

People in other countries designed a range of elaborate Easter eggs during the 19th century. Chocolatiers in Germany and France created the first chocolate eggs. However, people were put off by the distinctly bitter taste of the Easter confectionery. It took some time for the leading chocolate companies to realise the commercial value of Easter eggs and the first milk chocolate was eventually created in 1905. The unique chocolate eggs have become increasingly popular during subsequent years.

People across the world have come to associate Easter with ultimate indulgence. Research has revealed that 90 million easter eggs are sold in the UK each year. There has also been a marked increase in sales of luxury chocolate bunnies. The Sweet Team have developed a reputation for the creation of high quality easter chocolates. We are now offering you the opportunity to buy exclusive eggs, cubes and baskets from our comprehensive Easter collection, take a look.